Become aware of
the well-being of
your workforce

Levell gives you a pulse on how staff
are doing, quickly and easily

Take a quick pulse 

Find out the well-being levels of staff. Levell helps your staff track their energy, stress, motivation, and mood, every day.

Keep staff engaged

You staff recognize when they are feeling high or low. Show that you care by giving them a
way to share that. 

Provide a way for staff to
communicate problems early,
so common blockers 
(obstacles to thriving) can be resolved.

Improve absentee 
rates and retention

Levell provides a safe space for data sharing

Levell's user-centric data structure enables employees to share what they want, safely. Managers can request data for check-ins, but otherwise no personal staff information is ever shared. 

Why use Levell
with your workforce?


Colorful, engaging


Easy to gain


A chance to take
a moment for relaxing

Join a community of leaders
who are truly aware of what is needed by their workforce