If you fully understand how your team feels in work you can supercharge their performance.


How you feel matters

When you recognize how you feel, you can work at your best.


Levell makes it easy for everyone in your team to check in on mood, energy, motivation, and calm day-to-day.


Measure the well-being of your team

Gain an accurate picture of your team's drivers of performance and health, with our simple Levell score.

See how well-being changes for you and your team with Levell's weekly summary updates and easy-to-use team well-being performance dashboards.

"What gets measured, gets managed."

Source: Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director, Business in the Community


Levell's emotionally intelligent approach helps you improve team performance

Levell's smart system helps you celebrate wins and respond quickly when well-being is low.


With Levell, everyone gets the right support - whether that's the opportunity to provide quick anonymous team feedback, access well-being chat in-app, book sessions with a Levell coach, or participate in events with our community.

See how and why four dimensions of well-being drive health and are critical to company performance.


Measure how you and your team feel in work.
Supercharge team performance.