Levell is a mission-driven software company.

We are built on the principle of empowerment.

Our mission is to eliminate burnout, by creating a platform to enable sustainable health and performance in the workplace.


We do this by providing a well-being management platform for people, companies and teams. 

Our mission

Levell’s mission is to eliminate burnout - and then chronic stress, and dis-engagement, and work exhaustion - because it is painful, costly, and avoidable.


We do this by helping people use data on the drivers of long-term satisfaction and sustainable performance to make their lives better.

We apply academic research, technology and the power of networks - human and, eventually, artificial - to create a positive future for work. 

Our vision

At Levell, we see the positive flipside of burnout – supercharging team performance through productive work and wellbeing practices, and matching individual values, interests and motivations with the right colleagues and work.

Our vision is a world in which every individual can be truly productive - making rapid progress on long-term goals, in sync with their teammates - while bringing their whole, creative, and emotional selves to work.

How we get there

You can't manage what you can't measure, and you can't collaborate to resolve problems that aren't observed or discussed. We are bringing wellbeing into work culture - in a way that is fun, positive and low-pressure - helping the most forward-thinking companies reinforce culture, or execute culture change. 

This starts with understanding your feelings - measured by mood, stress, energy, and motivation - and what drives that, and building the trust to share that information regularly with other people.

From there, we want to provide every person with the tools to experiment with, track and manage their own wellbeing and personal performance drivers - for the benefit of their work and for themselves. 

Founding story

Levell was founded as a reaction to the emotional and financial consequences of chronic stress and burnout in the workplace. 


Levell was incubated by the London-based platform Zinc VC.