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Levell is a mission-driven software company

About us

Levell is a well-being measurement company with the mission to help people globally achieve peak performance in work, without burnout.


The world of work has always had high-performers and low-performers. High performers are those who have what they need to thrive in work, to be happy, energised, motivated, and yet calm. Low performers are those who don’t know what they need to be happy, energised, motivated and yet calm in work.

In early 2018 Levell identified the Well-being Performance Gap: the disparity in workforce performance due to inequality in well-being states. High performers, quite simply, experience more frequency of low versus high days.


Increases in remote and hybrid working have only exacerbated this performance gap between the 'well-being haves' and the 'well-being have-nots'. More and more jobs require creative calm in order to truly achieve. At the same time, in many professions, burnout is on the rise – along with chronic stress, exhaustion, unhappiness and frustration in work, and disengagement.

For an individual, these things stop you performing at your very best.


For a team, even having one 'low' person can change the dynamic among the team.


For companies, this inequality impacts the bottom line through sub-optimal individual day to day performance and health, driving revenues, risk, absences, and turnover.

Why we exist

We exist to help people measure, monitor, and utilise data on well-being - in a way which is safe, efficient and truly effective for them - to supercharge team performance. 

How Levell helps

We help people measure their experienced well-being in work.


Our measurement system is backed with Levell's Emotional AI, an emotionally intelligent system of support – combining well-being analytics and personalised alerts -– which refer individuals to opportunities to share anonymous feedback, or access personalised support.


Our system of support integrated all the best practice methodologies used in health for behaviour-change support, combining content, solution-focused coaching, and peer groups. 

We’ve combined scientific thinking, business research and a passionate vision of a world where work is designed, everyday, for well-being to provide people, teams and companies with a way to achieve both performance and health with much less hassle, time and cost.

Want to know more?

Levell offers a 30-day risk-free free trial for all teams and companies. 


Measure how you and your team feel in work.
Supercharge team performance.


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