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Choosing Your Check-in Time

Levell lets you check-in on your well-being, daily.

By default, you get a daily email at your personalised time.

Most people find it takes a few tries to get the hang of check-ins. 

Here's how to perfect your check-in time.

1. Choose a time when you will have 30 seconds.

This might be when you get home, at the very end of your work day, or or when you first get a chance to take a break.


2. Make the decision based on the typical structure and pattern of your work day.

People who have busy days at their desks often find that mid-afternoon works well for them. After lunch, around 3:30pm or 4:00pm, you will still be at work, but your brain will be tired. Levell is a great excuse to take a break.

If this doesn't work for you, try first thing in the morning. 

For people who find it hard to predict their schedule, location or busy-ness, checking in at 8:00am or 9:00am is often preferred.

If you have a calm, structured daily work day, checking-in mid-morning is also an option. Setting your time for 10:30am lets you check-in with Levell when you take your first coffee break. 

3. Adjust your days and times as your work changes.

If you start a busy project, move your check-in time to the morning, until you know what your schedule and location will be like.

Alternatively, you can move your check-in time to the morning if you feel like you have a relatively calm week ahead. 

How-To: Tweak Your Check-in Time.


4. If you can't check-in daily, don't worry.

Some people keep their daily emails, even if their work is too hectic to be able to check-in daily.

They like being prompted, and having the email in their inbox reminds them to still take the time to check-in on themselves. 

Other people like to choose two or three days, weekly.


Still other people like to keep Levell open in their browser, and turn the check-in notifications completely off.

How-To: Add Levell to your Browser


Make your choice about when to do your check-in, based on when you have your first break, and how variable your days tend to be!

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