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Most HR teams will focus on employee engagement with work. But what you may not know is that engagement can hide burnout:

Approx 20% of employees are highly engaged but also highly exhausted (Based on Yale research)

Unfortunately, most organisations will not know who these people are, until a crisis. 


When an employee is fully burnt out, you are likely to see it manifest as health problems, or them leaving the business suddenly, and you won’t know why. 

To make matters worse, those employees who are most at risk, probably won’t even be aware of their feelings, let alone the reasons or factors that have caused them to get into this state.  

This means there is no reason or motivation for them to take action - simple things, like being able to communicate to others and ask for help, or even take basic self-care steps, such as getting enough sleep, do not get put in place, and the situation just gets worse. 


And despite vast amounts of money are being spent by HR teams on various tools, benefits, and technology to help their staff, the metrics of absence, stress, burnout, and even sometimes performance, are not moving. 

We need to discover the reasons behind employee ‘state’ see how that connects to organisational performance, and be able to quickly and easily put in place an actionable solution.

Levell makes it easy for operations leaders to understand and support their critical workforce

A big part of our business is sales - they are on the road with customers all of the time. People get burnout. We notice it’s happening, and happening more and more.

HR Director, EMEA,
global software company

Division MD,
global recruitment 


We wished we could do something about burnout but - before Levell - it seemed that we didn’t know about it until employees left, and it was too late.

We were visited by the CQC and asked, what were we doing for GP well-being, and our answer was: Levell. Burnout is a huge problem in healthcare and it impacts patient care.

Asst. Dir.

Clinical Operations,
health tech start-up


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