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Track and manage
your well-being
as a workforce.

Levell provides a staff check-in app,
simple anonymous feedback, and monitoring dashboards.


So you know how your teams are doing, anonymously identify issues,
and can provide the right support.


Check-in on
well-being in work

Staff choose a time to check-in with Levell’s app, tracking how they are feeling day to day. 

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Capture need
for support

Staff can anonymously share anything that is a blocker, stopping them from thriving. 

Source ideas for change

Staff can note down ideas for themselves, or contribute ideas to the company.

Leaders can use suggestions to address feedback on issues that arise.

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Why use Levell with your workforce?


Levell technology platform.

Quick to implement

Easily invite staff with an email link.


Set up and onboarding can all be done immediately and remotely.

Levell services suite.

The product / platform / SaaS


Business emotional intelligence AI


great for staff great for co great for you




Increasing emotional awareness in work


Enhancing employee voice

helping get at the root cause

Consulting + Training + Coach

Accelerating change through both individual habits in work +  company-wide organisational changes.

Explore the platform built to empower your workforce

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