True feelings at work

Levell captures important drivers of daily performance -- mood, stress, energy and motivation -- through a simple interface.


The underlying drivers and data points

Employees can use the blockers feature to anonymously communicate data on things causing difficulty, distress or dissatisfaction.


Actionable ideas for improvement

Experience Insights are presented back to your talent force, management and team leads, providing transparency at all levels of responsibility

Levell is a simple app

Optimise employee experience in work, to ensure sustainable performance for your organisation

For leaders crafting wellbeing

or workforce strategy

Insights dashboard

Spot trends within your organisation

or teams.

Our algorithms flag the factors that require attention - to reduce risks to individual health, or unlock performance.

The power of science

Levell deploys a cutting-edge method for capturing intra-psychic states. With this method, even small datasets deliver powerful insights.

Data Handling

Levell's user-centric data structure enables your people to share what they want, when they want to. Managers can request data for check-ins, while aggregate data is available for leaders, or HR.

Also included

Risk Score

Pre-burnout conditions as a percentage of staff.

Organisation SWOT

Issues undermining performance, across work & non-work.

Market Benchmark

Comparison of your company, to similar companies.