The one-stop-shop for organisational performance.

Data, analytics and benchmarking - designed to support collective workforce performance, 
as well as growth and wellbeing.

True feelings at work

Levell captures important drivers of daily performance -- mood, stress, energy and motivation -- through a simple interface. Daily check-ins are recommended but can be adapted to the pace that works for your teams.

The underlying drivers and data points

Use the blockers feature to anonymously communicate, and collect, data on things causing difficulty, distress or dissatisfaction. Blockers are aggregated into categories for easier resolution or support. 

Actionable ideas for improvement

Easy ways to collect suggestions from specific teams, or people in the company. Suggestions appear for the right person to review, in one place.

Your personal insights dashboard

Every Levell user gets a personal dashboard with their metrics, with the option to share data with managers prior to check-ins. Leaders can spot trends in average data for their organisation or teams.

Simple to set up and easy to engage with

Once you're signed up, just simply add emails and invite your employees.  Access is seamless.