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  • Multiple Dates
    Fri, 12 Nov
    This event is hosted on Zoom.
    Join fellow Levell community members online to discuss how to fix low energy in work. Share tips and tricks, and learn from others what worked, and what doesn't! This event is free for all registered Levell users.
  • Designing your week for well-being
    Fri, 04 Jun
    Join Levell for a community workshop on how to design your week for well-being. This workshop is free for all community members.
  • Community workshop: Why emotional awareness in work?
    Fri, 14 May
    Join this 30 minute lunch & learn with Levell on what you can gain from emotional awareness in work. Discover how your Levells define your well-being in work, and drive your health and performance.

Measure how you and your team feel in work.
Supercharge team performance.


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