For leaders crafting well-being or workforce strategy. 

A quick and simple diagnostic that gives you real data on the performance-readiness of your workforce.

We help you identify the work-related drivers of poor performance, but also poor mental health and well-being. 

What it includes

Why leaders chose us

A big part of our business is sales - they are on the road with customers all of the time. People get burnout. We notice it’s happening, and happening more and more.

HR Director, EMEA,
global software company

We wished we could do something about burnout but - before Levell - it seemed that we didn’t know about it until employees left, and it was too late.

Division MD,
global recruitment company

We were visited by the CQC and asked, what were we doing for GP well-being, and our answer was: Levell. Burnout is a huge problem in healthcare and it impacts patient care.

Asst. Dir. Clinical Operations,
health tech start-up

Client testimonials

"[with Levell] we can now demonstrate the business benefits -
it’s not a nice to have, it’s real life"

The simplest way to improve company performance: address the drivers of burnout among your workforce.