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An introduction to Levell

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Levell is the simplest way to check-in on your well-being, daily.

As an individual, you can use our app to take a mindful moment for yourself. As an individual or team lead, you can use Levell’s dashboards to monitor staff trends in well-being (mood, stress, energy, and motivation).

As a leader, you can take a quick pulse on staff well-being, identify common root issues, and identify solutions that can help.

Why Levell today?

Earlier this year, conscious capitalism was the focus of Davos. Now we are facing disruption in work and uncertainty due to Covid.

In times of uncertainty and changing work, one thing is clear: humans need to become much more aware of ourselves, and how we are feeling.

How is work impacting your mood, energy, motivation and stress?

How is your team dealing with uncertainty and changes?

Are your staff still thriving in work, or seeing drops in energy or motivation?

If you feel the need to check-in on your teams' well-being daily (like we do), Levell can help.

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