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Track and manage
your well-being
as a workforce.

Levell. Supercharge performance.
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Track the well-being measures that matter for work

Check-in on how you are feeling on the factors that matter for health and performance at work. 


Levell helps you measure four factors: mood, energy, motivation, and calm.

Create a measure of well-being for work, while creating a habit of greater emotional awareness and intelligence among the team. 


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Monitor team well-being daily with an overall score

Levell’s Team Dashboard lets the team monitor collective well-being with an overall Levell score. 

The score is based on the average levels of mood, calm, energy, and motivation across the team.  

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Smart team alerts

Gather feedback on what drains and drives your team

Every team member needs a voice. When you have a voice you feel heard.


Levell offers people the opportunity to anonymously speak up. This feature increases staff participation and helps you discover what really matters to elevate wellbeing and supercharge performance in your team or organization.

Staff can share blockers as well as ideas with the team and leadership to facilitate real change.

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Helping you to celebrate wins and respond quickly when well-being is low.

[could be product photo - blocker with share icons from the figma screens]

The opportunity to provide quick anonymous team feedback - how this increases insight and voice

also team lead and team can see and respond -- comment --- resolve them to raise wellbeing [could be product photo - showing notification that someone has raised a blocker & the comment functions)

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Ensure everyone gets the right tips and actions to improve

Everyone can access well-being chat through Levell's own smart chatbot in app.

Access Levell's content and FAQ off-the-shelf, with the option to customise with links to all your content and links to tools and benefits used by the team. 

Book sessions with expert coaches for extra support

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With Premium plans, everyone gets access to the option for short 1:1 sessions with a trained well-being performance coach. 

Levell coaches are trained in solution-focused holistic methods to rapidly help you address problems and improve your score.

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Unlimited training and events for everyone across the community

Connect with peers and learn from trainers by participating in Levell's events.


Levell events are organised and available for free for anyone at a Levell client company. 

What our customers say.

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"I'm feeling a lot more in control"

Effortless for you.
Quick to implement

Easily invite staff with an email link.


Set up and onboarding is all done immediately, with our automated approach and remotely.

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Measure how you and your team feel in work. 
Supercharge team performance.