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If you fully understand how your team feels in work you can supercharge their performance.

Measure the well-being and performance of your team with our 3-in-1 SaaS app

What Levell can achieve for you:

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Employee engagement

Well-being in work

Staff performance
and productivity

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Levell is built for busy, performance-oriented people. Just like you!

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We do all the measurement and thinking, for peak performance for you and for your team.

Our Emotional AI takes stock of you and your team's daily well-being, notifies you with alerts, and helps you share blockers and boosters with your team, for top team performance.

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A fast and easy onboarding.
It only takes a few minutes 

Levell can sit nicely alongside the team tools you already have.

We are super easy to roll out across the team, because we do all the work for you.

How? We invite your whole team via email to the app, to get the app downloaded and you onboarded. 

Levell onboarding
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Measure how you and your team feel in work.
Supercharge team performance.


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