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Using the Blockers Feature

The blockers feature helps you track issues, break down problems, and get things off your mind. 

Find the blockers feature using the yellow icon at the bottom of your dashboard.


Choose the category of blocker impacting you at the moment. 


Add detail so you can better remember the context. 

If you have the same blocker frequently, your detail will let you identify the causes of patterns over time. 


When you've added detail you can also add a solution.


Blockers are visible on your dashboard, and also on the dashboard for your organisation.

You get a list of common blockers, and can see them visually in trends.


Solutions are shared in the ideas area of your, and your organiation's dashboard.


On your dashboard, you can see the text detail you add about your blockers.

This clarifies the root issue, and helps you spot common trends.


Only you can see the text detail you add about your blockers.


If you add a solution, that will show up in the Ideas section, with the initial of your first name against it.


Otherwise, no one in your organisation knows that a blocker is submitted by you.

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